Sunday, December 28, 2008

Down Time

I have been so lucky to have this time off with Payten, and I cant imagine going back to work now. With the economy the way that it is I decided that now is a perfect time to go back to school to get an education so I can get a job that can support the two of us. Although I haven't exactly decided what to major in I have enrolled for this winter term and am excited to be starting school on January 5th!!! I got some really awesome Grants and should hopefully be able to focus on school without having to go back to work. I'm taking almost all online classes so I can still have a lot of time with Payten. I love watching all of her changes and can't imagine missing any of this right now. I feel like everyday is something new, she is so alert and attentive now. She follows things with her eyes and is super responsive to peoples facial expressions. She coos and talks with me and smiles and giggles when she is happy, which is getting to be a lot more often. The last few weeks have brought more sleep into my life and more personality into hers! Hope you all enjoy the pictures! Look at that adorable face!! She is growing up to fast.

She is so sweet when she first wakes up from a nap.

Little baby grins!

More cuddle time together. It is so special and I know it will only last so
long so I get as much in as I can!
A friend of mine Katie is due in February with her second little girl, so
Alyson and I gave her a surprise baby shower. It was a good excuse to
to get everyone together, including the kids! I think even Payten had a
good time!
Payten sleeping in a sun beam! She loves putting her bum in the air!

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