Wednesday, December 17, 2008

All Smiles!

I finally got one of Payten's great smiles on camera! This was about two weeks ago but the smiles are more and more consistent everyday! Not a day has gone by in the last three week where she hasn't flashed me a big grin! The smiles started about a month and a half ago but they were very sporadic. The first time she smiled at me she was eating and she stopped, looked right at me and smiled the biggest grin I'd ever seen. I think that would be in my top five best experience so far in my life! Now she makes everyday worth while with her little or not so little grins! She as started smiling at other people now too! She loves it when my mom says "Hi Payten! It's your GRANDMA!!" She gets a smile almost every time! Here is a picture of the adorable grin that helps me get through the late nights! Hope it puts a little holiday cheer in every ones day!

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