Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Our Halloween was very low key. I had got Payten a pumpkin costume before she was even born. It ended up being kind of big on her but she looked adorable. Payten and I met a couple of my friends and there kids down at The Old Mill (one of our outdoor malls) where they were having some cute Halloween activities for the kids. Payten slept through the whole thing but I had fun still, just watching all the excited kids in there cute costumes!

Later that night I took Payten to see my dad, Grandpa Bill. He thought she looked great! She's melting hearts everyday! My little Pumpkin!
Katie with her little Bumble Bee Chloe

Alyson, Ayden and Clifford

Cutest Pirate

Sleepy Pumpkin

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Alyson said...

That was a fun day!!! Next Halloween will be even better! I love spending time with you and Payten!