Friday, December 12, 2008

Trip To Portland

We think she is going to be a smart one, she loves to just look at you and take it all in!

She is so serious.

Payten and Aunt Erin making faces at each other.

She thinks her Aunt is pretty awesome!

This makes her aunt even better!

Payten and I were lucky enough to hitch a ride to Portland with Grandma Mollie who was headed there for a work conference. It was perfect since Auntie Erin lives there and hadn't got to see Payten since she was born. (No Erin is not really Payten's aunt by blood but since Erin is as close as I'll ever get to a sister Payten will grow up knowing Erin as her Aunt!) We didn't get to stay long just a day but Erin had most of the day free so she got to give Payten a couple bottles and they got to spend some good face time getting to know each other.

I wasn't sure how Payten would do on the drive, but she did better than I ever could have asked. To top it off she slept for her first full night while we were there staying at auntie Erin's! I got my first full night sleep! It was an incredible feeling! I woke up and checked the time... ah... 6:00!!!!
We spent the next day hanging out with Erin, we walked down to a coffee shop in the morning then Erin had class but when she was done we went for lunch and then to an amazing cup cake shop! Best cup cake I've ever had!! It was just nice to see Erin and it seems like before that it had really been a while since Erin and I had gotten to spend very much time just the two of us. I feel like right now since I'm not working or going to school my whole life revolves around Payten... as it should. However at times I don't even feel human, I giggle at myself because when people ask me "whats new?" I have nothing other than Payten's sleep, bowl movements or eating habits to talk about really. I felt like although I didn't get a long time with Erin it was great to get away and spend time with someone who knows me as more than a mom and could have some great laughs with me!

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